Current Clients


Senior Project Engineer - Hasbro

Just wanted to follow up with you concerning the distribution of your insoles to our employees. Just a little history about this project though. During one of our ergonomic team meetings, one of our employees asked if there was anything that could be done to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with walking on the cement factory floor. Whenever gave it much thought as no one had ever complained and after interviewing several employees, we found that no one complained because no one thought complaining would help - after all it is a cement floor, what could possibly be done. A few weeks after this ergonomic team meeting, I was attending the Eastern Ergonomics Conference in New York and happened to run into Professor Pat Carley who, years ago, was our first on site Physical Therapist. We discussed our employees request. With management's approval, we decided to try the insoles in one of our production departments. Pat conducted before and after comfort surveys and, to make a long story short, based on this, we received management approval to purchase 3200 sets of the insoles. It should be noted that part of the justification of this project was the fact that by placing the insoles in the employees shoes, we would no longer have to purchase expensive anti fatigue mats. Every day, I ask an employee how he or she likes their insoles and 90% of the time they tell me that they could not walk the floor without them and that they don't know how they did it before receiving the insoles. Not only do their feet feel better, but they have experienced much less knee, hip and back pain. Our thanks to you, Barb and Pat for helping us to make this a very successful project.

Wellness and Ergonomics Specialist - Chevron

We began testing the insoles in the beginning of 2004 as part of our Industrial Ergonomics Program. We then went on to test them with a variety of workgroups who use safety boots on a regular basis and who stand on hard surfaces for at least half of their day. We collected positive data and received great feedback through the C.L.U.E. surveys. We now include them as part of our Safety Shoe Program; employees will receive one pair of insoles a year (paid for by the company). I have had many employees come to me and say that they appreciate the insoles and that they feel less discomfort in their lower extremities and back. As one employee stated on his C.L.U.E. survey: “These things are great! I love them! Now I have to get them for all my other shoes. The difference was very noticeable the first time I wore them. MEGAComfort insoles offer great quality for the price, particularly when you are a large company and need to supply them in large quantities. I highly recommend them to enhance any organization’s efforts in providing a safe and comfortable work environment. I look forward to more innovative and effective products from MEGAComfort Inc.

APWU Safety Rep - US Post Office

I want to inform all who reads this letter that MEGA Comfort did arrange an experimental test with their anti-fatigue insoles. We had employees from all three tours sample the mega insoles. We handed out surveys how employees felt before they used mega insoles and another survey after two weeks. The outcome/results were great, employees were very happy with the insoles. Those who were complaining about back, hip and foot problems said they felt a difference by using the insoles.

Union Health and Safety Rep - Ford

I came into contact with Dr. Orvitz and his product while doing some investigation on anti fatigue insoles. There had been a movement in the facility and corporate wide to do away with ergo matting and use wood flooring instead. Throughout the move to wood flooring a number of workers raised serious concerns with the state of their flooring and complained of sore feet, ankles and knees. As a trial Mega Comfort supplied me with close to 20 pairs of insoles which were distributed to workers who signed up for the insole trial. The response was overwhelmingly positive and this sparked increased interest in the product. Workers claimed that these were the most comfortable insoles they had ever used on the job. The requests have continued to mount and I am in the process of trying to have these insoles available in our general stores area so that they can be more widely distributed. The Mega Comfort insoles are durable, light, washable, elastic and most important effective. They are in high demand because of their superior design and comfort. I highly recommend them.

Certified Occupational Health Nurse - Pepsico

Every department is required to have an ergonomic project submitted and completed each year. Late in 2004, our Medical and Safety Departments decided to try the Mega-comfort insoles in the areas where the employees were required to stand on concrete most of their shifts which sometimes lasted 12 hours. We had distributed another brand of insole earlier in the year and the employees were asked to let us know which insole they preferred. When the verdict was in, all those participating liked the Mega-comfort insoles over the other brand. We then ordered the insoles before the end of the year. By the time January came, we were getting requests for the insoles from other departments so we ordered again. The feedback was very positive. I think the requests for replacement insoles and the feedback speak highly of your product. One more thing needs to be mentioned about you and your company. I always received fast, courteous service. Whenever I had a question or called your company, I always received a quick response which is rare in these days of high tech.

Maintenance Group Leader - Kodak

I have been a MEGA-Comfort insole customer for the last two years. In my work area, operators and maintenance staff are on their feet most of the day. We have some ERGO fatigue mats for operators to stand on but we needed greater coverage. MEGA-Comfort insoles offered us our best solution. We tried the MEGA-Comfort insoles all last year and had major improvements in foot and muscle fatigue. Operators continue to request the insoles for their shoes and work boots. MEGA-Comfort has been very accommodating to our needs and quickly re-fills our orders. I recommend them highly to people who have foot problems or have jobs that require them to stand constantly. They are reasonably priced and offer a low cost solution to many foot and back problems.

Front Line Supervisor - General Electric

Thank you for developing the PAM Insoles, they have provided the only relief for the foot pain caused by structural & nerve damage that I have been living with for the past ten years. By reducing the pain in my feet they have also greatly increased my mobility, as a front line supervisor for a large corporation (GE) I am required to be in many different locations within our plant at various times during the day, your insoles have made what used to be an ordeal for me turn into a manageable task. Thanks again.

Staff Sergeant - Enduring Mission Aviation Section

I am assigned as the maintenance supervisor for a Blackhawk Medivac unit deployed to the Balkans. My duties at work consist of performing maintenance on the aircraft, which makes for long hours on my feet in a shop environment. In addition to working in the shop, I walk a few miles a day just getting from my barracks to work and the dining facility. Since I have put the Megacomfort insoles in my boots I have noticed reduced lower back pain and my feet do not seem tired at the end of the day. A few months back I did a fifteen mile force march with a Forty pound pack. I was afraid that after that weight and distance your insoles would flatten out and not be as comfortable. The day after the march I put my boots on to go to work and the insoles had maintained there shape and felt as good as the day I put them in my boots. Thank you for a great product.

Nurse - Surgery and Laser Eye Center

Our operating room nurses and the ones in the pre operative area stand for up to 12 hours per day. they were having a lot of trouble with their legs. we tried the mats and they were very cumbersome as we never stand still very long. Then after trying these it was a complete change. thanks so much for letting us experience your great product.